The Jacket
A Novel By Richard Baran

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Grand Prize Winner
Books Without Publishers Writing Contest

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Richard Baran
(TotalRecall Publications, Inc., Bruce Moran, Pub.)

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***Where Have All The Go-Go's Gone?  Book 1
***When Will they Ever Learn?  (Where Have All The Go-Go's Gone?)   Book 2

Bo Pepperwall, dreamer and conniver opens a 1960's retro discotheque with money he weaseled from his sister's inheritance.  He also witnesses the murder of his brother-in-law, the despicable mayor of a prestigious Chicago suburban community.  Bo goes from boom to bust and to jail where he is charged with multiple bazaar crimes.  He is surprisingly found innocent in this zany  comedy.

***The Dutchman's Gift (A MouseGate Adventrue)
A young boy hikes the Superstition Mountains in Arizona with his retired grandfather and suddenly finds himself back in the mid-1800's with a man who is the founder of the Lost Dutchman Mine.  He encounters Cavalry deserters, Apache renegades and Mexican gold miners who all want the location of the Lost Dutchman at any cost.  A blind rancher named, Charlie saves him and gets him safely home.

***Heroes & Idols

Four short novels of special people taking place in Hayward, Wisconsin during the end of WW II; a Chicago forest preserve where rediscovered  high school sweethearts from forty years earlier are reunited, a grandson's believing in the lessons of life taught by his immigrant Italian grandmother who drank whiskey from a Mason jar and a eighth grade graduate discovers a few of life's sad lessons at an amusement park and at Wrigley Field.

***Shutter Bug (A MouseGate Adventure)

Emma Grace Waveland, a self-proclaimed Shutter Bug at twelve is
mysteriously transported from a safari in Disney World to Africa's
Serengeti where she joins a group of professional hunters who
capture wild animals for zoos.

***Did You Boo Hopalong Cassidy? (A MouseGate Adventure)

Hanky and EJee Goodson, twins, find themselves going from a museum in Ohio honoring the late cowboy hero, Hopalong Cassidy to a cattle ranch in the Arizona Territory.  They encounter coyotes, a giant Diamondback rattle snake, being kidnapped by cattle rustlers and being rescued by Hopalong Cassidy from a gun fight.

Tidge Mackiewicz, new patriarch of his family, received several orders from his dying father, Kid Scream.  One order stated for Tidge to quit believing in Santa Claus and stop acting like every day was Christmas.  Tidge should also abandon his belief that the Luftwaffe shot down Santa Claus on Christmas Eve in 1944 and Santa survived.  Approaching fifty, Tidge still wears a scuffed and stained Army Air Corps flight jacket given to him as a young boy by his late uncle, a Navy aviator and Korean War hero who claimed it belonged to Santa Claus.  His uncle also believed the jacket possessed a special magic.  It is "The Jacket" and the spirit of Christmas that brings eighteen family members to Tidge and his wife's magnificent log chalet located in Wisconsin's Northwoods on Lake Namakagon for the Christmas holidays.  Tidge can now carry out his father's final order of unscrewing his screwed up family and much more.

About The Author:

Richard Baran holds a doctorate and two masters’ degrees besides his bachelor’s in business.  A Navy veteran, he taught and coached for 40 years at the secondary school and collegiate levels.   After 50 years of struggling to get published, The Jacket is his first novel.  Dick Baran and his eighth grade sweetheart, Carol Ann, have 18 grandchildren and they divide their year between Franklin Park, Illinois; Phoenix, Arizona and Minocqua, Wisconsin.

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The Jacket News

***Fox Valley Today:  TV Interview.
***Franklin Park Illinois:  Public Library Presentation.
***CTV6, Cable TV Joliet, Illinois interview with Richard Fredrickson.  See Link to View Interview.
***Article:  Local Author's First Novel.   Franklin Park, IL, Pioneer Press (Chicago Sun-Times)

What the Readers Say

"A truly feel good story that would make a great Christmas movie."  Jack D., De Funiak Springs,FL.
"Loved it."  Joyce B., Peoria, AZ
"Mr. Baran has hit the nail right on the head."  Gilbert K., Kearney, MO
"I couldn't put it down."  Norma M., Cable, WI
"You're right on with the fun in dysfunctional."  George S., Norridge, IL
"Good story.  I gave out a dozen copies as Christmas presents."  Ronald B., Skokie, IL
"Each of my three adult children got a copy."  Jeanne H., Elkhart, IN
"Enjoyed the story.  I laughed out loud."  Denny T., Sanibel Island, FL
"A fun story."  Doug V., Chicago, IL
"I loved it."  Julie Z., Las Vegas, NV

Coming Soon

Stealing Cecila

Kennedy's Rainbow

Happen to Fall

All for One
(A MouseGate Adventure)

MouseGate Adventure stories are published by TotalRecall Press for both young readers and readers who enjoy exciting stories.  These books are fun reads, make great gifts and can possibly stimulate the desire to read.

Out Christmas 2017

My Flight From Tyranny 

 The true story of an eleven year old girl's flight from Hungary with her family in the back of a meat truck during the Russian revolution in 1956.  Russian bayonets, Molotov Cocktails, refugee camps, an aircraft fire and bureaucratic secrets couldn't stop her escape from tyranny and a new life in America.