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Where Have All the Go-Go’s Gone?  Book One

A bizarre collection of humanity (each having a unique vision of reality) puts fun into dysfunctional.  Bo Pepperwall possessed a Mensa qualifying intelligence that resulted in  his being ridiculed by many and shunned by most.  Now he faced a dilemma.  He had to choose between money (which he never had) and morals (which he also lacked).   Should he weasel a part of his recently widowed sister’s inheritance for a business venture or should he turn in the killer of her husband, his despicable brother-in-law? He chooses both.  Bo opens La Tinkerbelle’s a Go-Go, a 1960’s retro discotheque in an abandoned factory in a Chicago slum using a theme from the legend of Peter Pan.  On the verge of bankruptcy, his disco becomes a bonanza thanks to an article by a Chicago gossip columnist.   Another dilemma faces Bo as he wrestles with his new fame and perceived fortune.

When Will They Ever Learn?
(Where Have All the Go-Go's Gone?)  Book Two

Bo Pepperwall's journey from bankruptcy to bonanza ends in a blaze when his star performer's outraged mother accidentally sets fire to his disco, La Tinkerbelle's a Go-Go destroying the booming business.  Bo and his bizarre collection of employees--along with two black cats named Heckle and Jeckle--end up in court charged with violations of the Mann Act; contributing to the delinquency of minors; ignoring EPA laws; cruelty to animals and presenting lewd and indecent performances.  In the process, Bo turns in the killer of his brother-in-law, finds true love and is found innocent of all charges ending this screwball murder mystery farce.

The Dutchman's Gift

Riley "Rocky" Stone a twelve year old boy on a family vacation finds a magical arrowhead while hiking with his grandfather in Arizona's Superstition Mountains.  The arrowhead takes the boy from a roller coaster ride in Disney World back over one hundred and fifty years to the Superstitions where he meets "The Lost Dutchman."  His meeting results in a gift from the Dutchman and his being stalked by a trio of U.S. cavalry deserters, chased by a band of Apaches and saved by an old prospector, "Blind Charlie."  When "Rocky" returns from his adventure no one believes him.  Then his gift from the Dutchman converts the doubters in this story for readers of all ages who enjoy adventure.


Soon to be Released
(Coming Late October 2015)

Heroes & Idols

A Collection of Four Novellas

Tess, Stan, George and Gil were affected by their heroes and idols.  Seven year old Tess worshiped her World War II era burlesque star, Aunt Rose and a Chippewa Indian Chief in Lunch with a Gypsy.  She grew up to become an adult mother of two and applied lessons learned from her aunt and Chief John Proud Bear to overcome spousal abuse.   Georgie, a young father entangled in an affair, drew guidance from his immigrant Italian grandmother, Nana Beam's whiskey induced pearls of philosophy about repentance in I've Got a Secret.  Stan's idols were his grandfathers--Grandpa Zev and Gramps--who helped him through his turmoil with a ring, a fish and the  heart he inscribed with the initials of his teenage love in an old maple tree in The One Who Got Away.   Gilead, as a young boy, struggled with his name as he tried to comprehend why his baseball hero had been traded and why his father had died as he was just getting to know him  in Trading Prushka.

Shutter Bug

Emma Grace Waveland, a self-proclaimed Shutter Bug at twelve, finds herself transported from a safari in Disney World to Africa's Serengeti where she joins a group of professional hunters who capture wild animals for zoos.   Her new adventure brings her face-to-face with deadly crocodiles, a giant rhino, a python, a lady photographer who looks like a young version of her great grandmother, hunters who resemble old movie stars and a camp cook with mysterious powers.  Her family doesn't believe her when she returns from her trip, but she has evidence on her cameras' memory cards and her iPhone.


Happen to Fall
Murphy's Rainbow
Stealing Cecilia